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It's always been a family thing...

Since 1990, my mom (known by folks across Minnesota as Granny), my kids and I have been serving up the original, world-famous Fudge Puppy™ statewide at Minnesota fairs and festivals. We do it because we love working together as a family, being part of these community events -- and because we LOVE really good food!

Over the years, we've shared many adventures at our Fudge Puppy trailer -- surviving tornadic winds, rain-outs and even a blizzard. We've had hilarious moments, like the time mom squirted whipped cream all over the table instead of the Fudge Puppy™ while being interviewed on TV. We've been honored, voted the Favorite MN State Fair Food by a Discovery Channel team, and featured in Midwest Living magazine. And we've brushed with fame -- satisfying the Fudge Puppy cravings of countless media personalities, local celebrities, and the governor's wife and her entourage.

The Fudge Puppy isn't just our family tradition. For many of our customers, it's become a tradition of their own -- one they're always eager to introduce to others.

Looking back, what I'm most proud of is Granny, my 90 year-old mom. She's hung in there through it all, helping run things and always serving customers with a smile. We couldn't do it without her, which is why we named the business Granny's Kitchen. After all, she's the one who taught me how to cook back in those 4-H days.

So when you stop by for your Fudge Puppy™, be sure to meet Granny and tell her why you love Fudge Puppies. And who knows, if you're lucky, she might have time to give you an autograph.

-Pat Braun, Owner
Granny's Kitchen

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