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We are the first... we have perfected the product... we are The Original Granny’s Kitchen Fudge Puppies™. Dating back to 1990, we have in-field experience in perfecting one of the Minnesota State Fair’s most popular and sought after tasty-treats. Yes, it’s on a stick – yes, it’s dipped in chocolate – yes, it tastes delicious – and yes, it is a Granny’s Kitchen Fudge Puppy!

What is a Fudge Puppy?

Fudge Puppy
Well, a Fudge Puppy is not your typical fair food. Granny's Kitchen's Famous Fudge Puppies are a rolled Belgian Waffle, baked in a special grid that uses NO grease. Our special baking system uses only extreme heat that puffs the waffle around a stick, making it crispy on the outside with a cake consistency on the inside.

One of our talented staff members then dips the waffle into a luscious, special order chocolate, giving it a light coating that sets-up like a candy bar when coming in contact with warm items. We then top your chocolate dipped waffle with whipped cream and your choice of toppings: crunchy sprinkles, strawberries or our latest creations of Caramel Apple Puppy and Chocolate Turtle Puppy. Yum!

With little sugar and no grease, Fudge Puppies are a light and delightful treat. Many people eat several a day throughout the fair.

Start Your Own Granny’s Kitchen Fudge Puppy Concession Business

Today, Granny’s Kitchen is opening its experience, knowledge and product to the public. We now offer dealership rights! Of course you can buy the necessary equipment from just about any sales person, but you will only be buying equipment. What you will lack is the insight to make the perfected and original Fudge Puppy. Without that insight, you will undoubtedly struggle - losing money, time, customers and patience. Fortunately we’ve already done the struggling for you. We endured five frustrating years perfecting the product and learning the industry. At that time there was no one to ask questions, and it was unlikely anyone would share their secrets anyway. Remove the initial struggle, join our family and learn from our hard-earned, inside experience on how this industry and this product works.

We provide three things that festivals and shows look for - uniqueness of product, experience and a top-end trailer. It can be hard to get into a festival or show without those three things. We also provide so much more, as you can see on the dealership info page. If you are interested in starting your own Granny’s Kitchen Fudge Puppy dealership/concession trailer contact us or see our Dealership Info page for additional information.

Where will Granny’s Kitchen be next...

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