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Our Fans

At Granny’s Kitchen Fudge Puppies we have some of the most loyal fans around. Individuals and families seek out our concession trailer as their first or last fair stop – sometimes both – whenever we are in town.

A glimpse at Our Fans...

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The lines at the Granny's Kitchen Fudge Puppy stand at the 2010 Minnesota State Fair!

Every year I can't wait to come to the Minnesota State Fair just for one reason, to eat 1, even 2, sometimes 3 fudge puppies in a given day.  As you can see from the pictures, I have passed on my love for Fudge Puppies to my one and a half year old son Jayden. Thanks for the good treats.
- J. Ingram

On the first day of the fair we shared fudge puppies with our parents from California - who say dipping a fudge puppy in a cafe latte is soooo tasty.  I liked it with strawberries & cream.  And on the last day of the fair we came back and shared fudge puppies with our neighbors!  That's when we had our picture taken (9/5)!  Thanks for the taste treat, I'm hooked now.
 - C. L. - Byron, MN

Hey, in '04 at Minnesota State Fair Grounds me and a buddy started the revolution of doing something incredibly stupid for a free fudge puppy.. We sang how we loved fudge puppies as we ran up and down the street. Then I got to actually dance with granny and they took a picture of me dancing with her.  
- Steve

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