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In today’s rapidly changing job market, finding and holding onto any position is a difficult task. Wouldn’t it be nice to take charge and shape your life the way you planned, instead of putting it into the hands of someone else?

Well now is your time to grab hold of your job direction! Concession trailers are a great business to combat a sagging economy, with concession sales up as much as 30% in some areas. Other advantages in concession sales:

  • No Continuous Overhead – Your equipment, supplies, etc. are only used during shows
  • No Property Taxes & Minimal Utility Fees – It’s a mobile business that resides on your property when not at a show and utilities are only paid during shows
  • It’s a Cash Business – no bad checks, bill collecting or credit cards
  • Mobile – You go where the people are, making the possibility for sales almost 100%. You're not in a fixed location waiting for people to come into your store while the overhead adds up.
  • No Expensive Advertising - You work your sales right at the events.
As a growing industry, concessions are becoming very competitive and many of the basic foods no longer cut it. Today’s top shows – such as the Minnesota State Fair and other Fairs look for three things when considering concessions:
  • Uniqueness of Product
  • Glitz & Glamour of the Trailer
Fortunately we have it all.
  • Unique Product – the Original Rolled Belgian Waffle Covered in Chocolate & New Varieties
  • Specialized Equipment: Some Specific and specialized equipment designed by us to create the perfect Fudge Puppy.
  • Low Investment / High Return
  • Credibility of being part of a successful & EXPERIENCED company
  • Name Recognition – Granny’s Kitchen Fudge Puppies is well known all over Minnesota and the surrounding states. We’ve had national exposure on the Discovery Channel and in Midwest Living magazine. People from other countries frequent our business and email us on their absolute delight in our product.
  • Ongoing, Individualized Business Support – Training, Festival & Show Information, Marketing Advice, Professional Website (shared)
  • Proven Business Model
  • Training from In-Field Professionals
  • Attractive Trailers that contain necessary equipment (opening inventory for approximately 2,000 fudge puppies) and meet the shows’ specific area health codes
  • Access to Group Insurance
  • Initial uniforms for up to 6 people depending on trailer size
  • Relationships with Reputable & Reliable Supply Companies – In my experience I’ve dealt with many unreliable companies in my first years; you don’t want to get caught at the show unprepared when the crowd peaks = lost income.

Dealership Information:

Years of emails, phone calls and questions from individuals seeking our business-operations advice have led the Granny’s Kitchen team to develop a turnkey operation for individuals interested in trying their hand at the concession trailer business. After being the original Granny’s Kitchen Fudge Puppies and experiencing years of trial and error on everything from perfecting the product to building operational food-trailers, we’ve decided to market what we've learned.

Yes, there is a method to running a successful event / festival food-trailer. We’ve received plenty of bad reports regarding the quality at other Fudge Puppy imitation trailers – nothing beats the original. After making thousands of Fudge Puppies and developing just as many loyal customers, it is time for our company to take the next step. Should you decide to become a Granny’s Kitchen dealer you will learn the process first hand, from those who have been in the field for the past 20 years. We are offering real, hard-learned experience and not hearsay or theory. Plus, whether a fan, employee or independent licensee, we view everyone as family and will assist you in creating your own success. It ultimately lies in your hard work and determination.

Keep in mind that we are not selling franchise rights, therefore fees are not collected on each individual sale. We are offering dealership licenses, in which only a small yearly fee is required to retain your dealership license. While we cannot guarantee your success, we will be there to provide the answers you need.

The following items are not included in the licensing agreement and must be purchased locally.
  • All state and local licenses, health department permits, federal ID numbers as needed.
  • Household cleaning equipment, material and paper goods.
  • Vehicle to transport trailer.
  • Business liability insurance of 1 million dollars with Granny's Enterprises Inc. named on the policy as an additional insured. Insurance will be required at most venues.
  • Equipment insurance for all equipment.
  • Employees to work fairs / festivals - You are considered an independent contractor and not an employee of Granny's Kitchen Enterprises; therefore you must locate your own stand employees.
  • Exclusive rights for specific territories, regions or states.

The Granny’s Kitchen Dealership package will include everything you need in order to start your business - equipment, inventory and training. All you have to add is the hard work and determination. Operating a Granny’s Kitchen food trailer is a great family business and is perfect for those interested in being self-employed; let us teach you how.

If you are interested in starting your own Granny's Kitchen Fudge Puppies business or would like more information please contact us - or 320-743-3885.

Note: We do not make any guarantees on your success.

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